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The Physiotherapy Specialists, London

Where Swiss precision, luxury and expertise unite.

Mayfair Physio
Our Mayfair home.

Advanced Care for Lasting Results: Physiotherapy That Focuses on the Root Cause

Welcome to London's premier destination for elite physiotherapy services, renowned globally for our exceptional expertise. With two decades of experience serving a discerning clientele in Verbier, Switzerland, we now bring world-class care to our esteemed Mayfair location. Additionally, we offer discreet home visits across central and west London, ensuring the highest standard of service in the comfort of your own home.


At The Swiss Touch, we provide bespoke physiotherapy,  specialising in advanced diagnostic and treatment skills. We are experts at addressing musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, sports injuries, and complex conditions with unparalleled precision.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to long-term health excellence, ensuring our clients achieve the optimal wellbeing they deserve

Our Specialities

Spinal Physiotherapy 

Complex conditions 

Sports injuries 

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation 

Running & Ski Lab 

Posture & Biomechanics Lab

Our Services

Sports Massage 

Prevent Injuries, Enhance Recovery, Elevate Performance.

Leg massage


Commitment to Lifelong Health and Excellence

Back pain


Clinically proven to reduce pain and enhance recovery.



Targeted strength and mobility exercises, performed with precision and control.


What Our Patients Say

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